Episode 10, Dan Fincke

Episode 10 of the Unemployed Philosopher’s Podcast is available now!

My guest this month is Dan Fincke. Dan has a PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and is an adjunct assistant philosophy professor at both Hofstra University and Hunter College (CUNY). He also is an adjunct professor at Fairfield University and William Paterson University. Dan blogs at Camels with Hammers, which promotes reason, philosophy, atheism, Nietzsche, and secular approaches to ethics.

Faced with a difficult job market, he found other ways to make a living doing what he loves. Dan has come up with several innovative ways to generate income as a philosopher. We’ll discuss three of these ways, including his success as a paid blogger, his philosophical counseling business, and his unique online philosophy courses. When it comes to using the power of the internet to promote philosophical ideas and find a market for them, Dan is definitely the guy to talk to. I hope you enjoy it!

13 comments on “Episode 10, Dan Fincke

  1. elkement says:

    What a great demonstration of how you are able combine true passion for philosophy with building a business as an entrepreneur!
    I had already crafted that line as a draft on Twitter while still listening, not submitting it yet – and then Dan came up with this perfect summary about enjoying entrepreneurship and denying being a victim of the system! Probably I should not rate your podcasts, but I tend to say from the perspective of motivation this was the best one so far.

    Implicitly, this podcast demonstrates how much depends on pushing that infamous switch in your mind – which is not easy as I know … this deconversion from grad school submissiveness to boldness. I like in particular Dan’s attitude to blogging – “blog as if your blog were already famous”. I think I have missed this opportunity, ha ha. No seriously, I think he is right and this attitude could be applied to anything – starting with answering the question about your occupation or job at a party. It is like the clichéd “dressed for success” (I am sure you know the movie The Secret of my Success starring Michael J. Fox, just to throw in my usual pop culture reference).

    • danielmullin81 says:

      Thanks, Elke. Dan’s line about deciding to be an entrepreneur instead of a victim was inspiring. Also, his advice to blog as if you already have thousands of readers is spot on, I think. The only way to grow an audience is to put out quality content. I don’t like to pick favorites either — I think all my guests have been great — but this interview was especially encouraging to me, because it’s closest to what I can see myself doing. Thanks again for listening!

  2. Hi there.

    I’m not seeing any obvious way to download the podcast. Where is the link for downloading it?

    • danielmullin81 says:

      Hi Brian,

      The podcast is available for free download through the iTunes store. Thanks for listening!

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